Tenjin Tenjin Ramen

(山神山人). This is a ramen chain that makes some of the best ramen I've experienced in my short life. In particular, the spicy miso ramen (辛味噌盛り) is amazing. They have also been known to provide free sides of kimchi as service. I've only been to the Okamoto restaurant, although I think there's at least another in central Kobe and one in Mikage. The name means 'Mountain God, Mountain People', which apparently expresses a philosophy of respect for the relationship between people and nature, and also for outstanding ramen.


You can eat delicious sweets while looking at Buddhist statues (Motomachi location only) and other delightful interior decor. They are famous for their Denmark cheesecake.

Motomachi location: 

〒650-0022 兵庫県神戸市中央区元町通3丁目9-23
〒650-0022 Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe, Chuo Ward, Motomachidori, 3 Chome−9−23

11:00~22:00 (M-F)
11:00~22:00 (Weekends & Holidays)
Open All Year


Starboard Craft Beer Bar

A solid craft beer bar serving local beers from Rokko Brewery, with a knowledgable choice of foreign draft on rotation.

Expect ¥700-900 for a pint unless its the first Thursday of the month. Where select draft pints are half off!

Situated in the heart of Sannomiya about a 3 minute walk from "the stoop".


Amazing dessert crepes place with a TON of options - they also have several savory crepes. Everything I've tried so far is delicious, though if you get one heavy on pudding such as the creme brulee it will be normal pudding/cream.

Mandrillus Curry

This is a nice and affordable curry place with a fun and personal atmosphere.

They have two locations, Motomachi and Oji Koen. I often go to the Oji Koen shop (located just outside the station) because of my location.

They have a variety of different curry (coconut, beef, keema, vegetable, eggplant/cheese) on a daily rotation. They usually have at least 3 available at any time.

You can get a curry with tandoori chicken, a generous portion of rice, and a salad for under 700円 ! !

Yakiniku Rokko Sannomiya 焼肉六甲三宮

A good place for yakiniku (meat that you grill yourself at your table) in Sannomiya. Has several courses of tabe/nomihoudai (all you can eat/drink) that you can enter. The basic course is around 3000yen per person for 2 hours. I recommend the middle course which offers a wider range of cuts of meat and other dishes for under 4000yen per person. A great place to bring a medium sized group (4-6) people, for birthdays or for visiting friends.

For weekends / popular times it's probably necessary to make a reservation. Telephone: 078-391-1320

Baan Thai

The tastiest Thai food in Kobe! Straight up yo.

Adjustable spiciness levels: 1-5. 3 will still wreck you bro.

Reccomendations: Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, Standard Fried Rice, Green Curry, Papaya Salad.. honestly though, you can't go wrong.

Elua Diner

Essentially the replacement burger joint for those of us who were all about some SB Diner.

Relatively affordable burgers. The classics plus a few new twists!

Solid lunch spot.

EDIT: Elua has since moved locations and now offers curry as well as burgers. The new shop is due to open in December 2018 (exact date unknown).