Job Training

By デビッド, 17 November, 2016

The purpose of Job Training is to provide ALT(s) the knowledge and skills necessary to lead successful language study and English language activities. Newly arrived ALTs will have the chance to develop lessons on their own and receive constructive critiques from sempai ALTs, and in exchange sempai ALTs can gain fresh ideas for their own lessons.

In addition, sempai ALTs can share their knowledge by giving lectures on pedagogical techniques, leading tutorials on activity ideas, hosting panels and discussions on various topics regarding the improvement of lessons and working in a Japanese school environment, and fostering the development of effective teaching materials through workshops.

Attendance and appropriate dress code are mandatory. Job Training is held for 2 full work days during the summer holidays in August, so the dress code is cool biz. It has traditionally been held at the KEC, but some years at Kobe Gaidai instead.

By Joy, 5 July, 2017
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