By デビッド, 3 October, 2016

Kyushoku is school lunch. It comes in two varieties:

1) Elementary school kyushoku. Cooked every day on site at your elementary school. Hot and delicious, although may feature foods some people are uncomfortable with (eg. tiny fishes).

2) Junior high school kyushoku. Kobe's junior high school kyushoku comes in the signature orange plastic containers (seen right).

Junior high kyushoku is different every day, but has a few main features:

  • hot rice
  • cold everything else
  • milk carton.

You can sign up for kyushoku if you haven't already by talking to your Kyoto-Sensei at your base school. There is an online registration system that allows you to preview the upcoming menu and reserve kyushoku for the days you want it. The school should also have a monthly paper menu available which lists ingredients, to help with managing allergies and dietary restrictions.

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