School Education Division

By Isaac Tombleson, 20 April, 2017

1) Located in in City Hall, Building 3, Floor 7.

2) Formerly known as the the Guidance Division, the School Education Division is the current contracting organisation for JETs in Kobe.

3) From the beginning of the 2017 academic year, the full name for this department is now the School Education Division, Human Rights and International Education.

4) If you are wanting to send school mail to the School Education Division Human Rights and International Education, the adressee is (choose one):

(kanji) 学校教育課国際教育
(hiragana) がっこう きょういくか こくさい  きょういく

(romaji) gakkou kyouikuka kokusai kyouiku

Please also include the name of the recipient (usually a CIR).


5) in case you're interested, the full name in Japanese (not necessary for school mail):

神戸市 教育委員会事務局 学校教育部学校教育課 人権・国際教育担当

こうべし きょういくいいんかいじむきょく がっこうきょういくぶ がっこうきょういくか じんけん・こくさいきょういくたんとう

koubeshi kyouikuiinkaijimukyoku gakkoukyouikubu gakkoukyouikuka jinken・kokusaikyouikutantou

By Hannah Perry, 21 June, 2016
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