Sick Leave

By Hannah Perry, 22 June, 2016

Paid leave that can be taken with a documented illness/injury/diagnosis from a physician, up to 20 days.

Sick leave includes non-working days (Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays). It cannot be taken in hourly or half-day units, only full-day. 

If you need to take sick leave, please contact your school principal and then visit a clinic/hospital/pharmacy. Get a receipt (dated from the first day of sick leave, and with your name printed on it), and include it with the Sick Leave Form. This form then needs to be stamped by both your Kyoto-sensei and Kouchou-sensei before being sent to the Education Division.

If you are sick for 5 or more working days, a medical certificate needs to be included as well.


Example 1:

John the ALT takes Thursday and Friday off for sick leave. He recovers from his cold and comes back to work on Monday. His sick leave counts as just 2 days. He only needs to submit the Sick Leave Form and his receipt. 

Example 2: 

Barbara the ALT takes Friday off for sick leave. Then she has to take the following Monday and Tuesday off. Since sick leave includes weekends and holidays, her sick leave is counted as 5 days, so she will need to get a medical certificate from her doctor. 

Example 3:

lease note that if you take sick leave, then return to school, then have to take more sick leave again within a one-month period, the two periods of sick leave will be counted as one. For example, if Bob the ALT takes 3 days of sick leave, goes back to work for 20 days, then has to take sick leave again for another 2 days, his sick leave is added together and counted as 5 days. So Bob will need to get a medical certificate from his doctor. 


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