Summer School


A special English immersion and activities event held every August for Kobe municipal junior high school students. It is held at Kobe Gaidai for 3 days, but students only need to go for one day to receive the full experience. The students typically try 5 different activities run by ALTs in the morning, and in the afternoon they listen to a presentation about other foreign languages (Spanish, Russian, and Chinese?) by Gaidai students.

A prep day precedes the event, in which ALTs go over the schedule, decorate the rooms, practice the activities, and help with any finishing touches.

All four days are official work days, thus attendance is mandatory and transportation is reimbursed.

In order to make the event a success, 3 things are asked of ALTs:

  1. Get an OTE to agree to chaperone the students for at least one of the days.
  2. Heavily advertise how awesome and fun the event is to the students, and get as many students to sign up as possible. (Note that students will be responsible for the costs of transportation and lunch, which may be an unfortunate but unavoidable deterrent for some.)
  3. Volunteer for a summer school position! Positions and their descriptions are as follows:
  • Room Leader: They are a team of two or more ALTs who are responsible for creating concepts for rooms that will engage the children's interest, but also encourage the use of English. The focus is to encourage interaction with ALTs while also making sure that students with lower levels of English ability can easily understand what's happening. Previously successful rooms include speed dating, video-game themed tasks, dancing, game show, and survivor-style English games.
  • Decorator: They are a group of ALTs responsible for adding adding flavor and pizazz to the rooms and main hall at the venue.
  • Videographer/Photographer: They are in charge of capturing the days' events on camera and film for future promotional purposes. They are also responsible for creating the Summer School promotional video for the next year.