Remaining schools to add an address

By デビッド, 29 June, 2022

With the new schools map feature, all schools need an address to geocode their coordinates to appear on the map. There is a dynamic list of the remaining schools without an address (note: this list has been removed as this issue is now resolved).

The easiest method to add an address is to:

  1. Open Google maps
  2. Click to edit a school from the "Schools with no address" list
  3. Copy and paste the Kanji for the school into the search in Google maps, e.g. "神戸市立太田中学校"
  4. Double-click to select and then Ctrl+C copy the official name from Google maps
  5. Go to Contact tab and scroll down to Address
  6. Enter "Japan" for country
  7. Ctrl+V paste the official name into the first line of the street address
  8. In Google maps, click to copy the English address
  9. Paste the address into the second line of the street address
  10. Ctrl+C copy the postal code, e.g. "654-0022"
  11. Delete the City/Prefecture/Postal code/Country parts, e.g. ", Kobe, Hyogo 654-0022, Japan" - leaving just the address and ward
  12. Enter "Kobe" for city, and "Hyogo" for prefecture
  13. Ctrl+V paste the postal code
  14. Click "Save" and verify map shows correctly
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