Why won't KobeJET.com work on my KIIF / school computer or laptop?

By David Dowell, 5 June, 2019

The bureaucracy of Kobe's Education Department (AKA the KEC, Guidance Division, School Education Division, and whatever they call themselves now) has never been very helpful or supportive of efforts to improve the quality of lessons and tools for teacher collaboration throughout the process of creating and managing an online web resource for Kobe ALT(s) and CIR(s). In November of 2018 they took the latest step in being entirely unhelpful, to the point of being an actually obstructive and damaging, by blocking the KobeJET lesson resource on school networks. The reasons and failed attempts by the web admins and various "progressive education" teachers is detailed in the open letter attached. Until the City of Kobe and its Education Division are at least willing to let the KobeJET maintainers know what needs to be done to be unblocked from the schools' networks and computers, there's not much we can do.

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