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Seasonal recommendations

  • Ghibli scene of fireworks above a street with lanterns

    What ______ Do you Like? Summer Themed Interview Game

    To enjoy speaking the target sentence. A nicely-designed pdf that is best used printed out, laminated, and used with whiteboard markers. Best used right before summer vacation. 1. Divide the class…
  • Cake by the Ocean

    Cake by the Ocean

    • Music video with lyrics
    • Audio player
    • Lyrics table - translations and downloadable!
    • Moana and Maui

      You're welcome

      • Music video with lyrics
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      • Lyrics table - translations and downloadable!

      Recent content

      What do I do if a missile is dropped near Kobe?

      By: Nicole Wilder
      Type: Information

      In response to inquiries about emergency procedures, CIRs Nicole and Daniel put together a list of some general advice below: 

      Emergency procedures are different depending on the type of emergency, and missile tests and strikes require different actions than the natural disasters covered in the materials you have already received. In…

      Health Info Session 2017

      By: Michelle Arkham
      Type: Information

      Here is the powerpoint containing all the info given at the Health Info Session in summer of 2017. Includes women's health information as well.

      Oh no Mr. Bean picture

      Classroom Games and Activities

      By: Joanne Gaylard
      Type: Lesson

      This is the print-out from the Classroom Games Workshop seminar at Job Training 2016 with a few extra games added on. 

      Includes: Don't Be Mr Bean (self-introductions), Memory (directions), Hot and Cold (vocab practice), Zombie Janken (vocab…

      Pixellated picture of apples

      What's this? / Is it a ~ ? Mosiac Guessing Game

      By: Tommy Hoffmann
      Type: Lesson

      Model the dialogue with the OTE
      S1: "What's this?" (show #1)
      S2: "何これ?!  Oh, is it a cat?"
      S1: "No, it isn't. What's this?"  (show #2)
      S2: "Hmm, is it a cucumber?"
      S1: "No, it isn't. What's this?" (show #3)
      S2: "Ah! Is it an eggplant?"
      S1: "Yes, it is."

      View of Kobe Gaidai campus

      Kobe Gaidai (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)

      By: Hannah Perry
      Type: Location

      ”Kobe Gaidai" is the nickname lovingly used by ALT(s) for the Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. It is a common venue for Kobe BOE-sponsored activities such as Summer School and English Festival, and…


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