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Seasonal recommendations

  • Ghibli scene of fireworks above a street with lanterns

    What ______ Do you Like? Summer Themed Interview Game

    To enjoy speaking the target sentence. A nicely-designed pdf that is best used printed out, laminated, and used with whiteboard markers. Best used right before summer vacation. 1. Divide the class…
  • Cake by the Ocean

    Cake by the Ocean

    • Music video with lyrics
    • Audio player
    • Lyrics table - translations and downloadable!
    • Moana and Maui

      You're welcome

      • Music video with lyrics
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      • Lyrics table - translations and downloadable!

      Recent content

      Brightly costumed Mardi Gras celebrators

      Mardi Gras in Action! Let’s celebrate with Colors!

      By: Natalie Barbieri
      Type: Lesson
      1. Mardi Gras! 
      • Show pictures of the festival, people with masks, and dancers.
      • Show the students a calendar of the month of Mardi Gras. 
      • Show them a map of the United States and where New Orleans is located.
      1. Review the color vocabulary: red, green, blue, yellow,…
      Make a colorful monster art collage

      Halloween Monster Maker

      By: Ben McDonough
      Type: Lesson

      This activity can follow up a previous Halloween lesson or be used after a short introduction.

      Give out the two character worksheets; show students your own example of a finished worksheet. For 2nd and 3rd years, explain and test comprehension of the monster maker rules and the adjectives…

      Karuta card game cartoon of two children playing

      Let's Playing Cards!

      By: Erik Chen
      Type: Lesson

      Bingo (ES 1-3) (Numbers/suits)

      Pass out cards and place them in front. 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5

      Call 1-13 or Ace-King and include suits.

      Have students read the card instead for speaking practice.

      Go Fish! (ES3-JHS3) (Do you have ~? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.) (May I have a ~? Sure…

      Math problems

      Math in English Class

      By: Laura Young
      Type: Lesson
      162BEFORE CLASS:
      • Print out large numbers 0-9 on pieces of paper. Attach each set of numbers to a different construction paper color. Laminate if you want them to last. There should be 1 set of cards for every 10 students, so if you have 25 students, make three sets, if you have 35 students, make 4 sets.
      • Create a list…
      Cartoon Grinch who stole Christmas image

      The Grinch Christmas Lesson

      By: Stephanie Vasse
      Type: Lesson

      Summary: This Christmas lesson is based on an Englipedia lesson, modified for the ability of my students (ichinensei). First, we preview the worksheet as a class, checking the character names and meanings of the Word Box words. We do the first question together as a class, then the…


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