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1621 An older Japanese samurai master and his young, female apprentice

I have really enjoyed updating and managing the KobeJET website for the past 7 years. It has been both a fun hobby and useful tool in trying multiple new web technologies that I have used in other websites for the US Forest Service, FCC, BehaveNet, and more - and that I've been able to update in return from lessons learned.

But while I fully intend to keep hosting the site, providing updates, and continuing to use it as an example of what is possible with Drupal 10.2 and beyond, I would like to hand off all actual JET questions and interactions to current ALTs.

The site has a lot of potential for helping new and current ALTs connect with their communities, learn about their schools and sempais/kouhais, and share information about the city, resources, and on and on.

If you might be interested in becoming the new KobeJET admin, please send a short introduction to and I will follow up with you to verify your status as a current ALT and next steps to help you get up and running on the site.

1620 Drupal CMS logo

You may not have noticed much a change on the front side of things (which is a good thing!), but is now running on the latest version of the open source Drupal 10 CMS!!🥳

And just in time for Halloween!🎃 This comes with numerous feature and performance improvements for all users - lesson and favorite location perusers, content contributors, and user managers. And we are still looking for all three. So if you're interested in getting more involved with KobeJET in any capacity, please let us know! Translating 🙊🈺, managing the current JETs directory📚, adding or adopting and updating lessons...🚀 the list goes on and on.

We hope you enjoy the latest updates and look forward to your feedback! Oh, and we added emojis too!😊

Get involved!

1617 Full school map listing screenshot

Big shout out and thank you to 2 dedicated volunteers, Dania and Denisa, who have finished mapping the rest of the schools. Through perseverance and sweat, they added 150 schools in the last day alone - WOW!!

Take a look and check out the full school map! You can easily search by School name, block number, or level/type.

If you'd like to help us in updating school info, including the current ALT(s) or contact information - let us know!

School map

Seasonal recommendations

  • Preview Jimmy Cliff music label image

    I Can See Clearly Now
    Jimmy Cliff (cover)

    • Music video with lyrics
    • Audio player
    • Lyrics table - translations and downloadable!
  • Preview Purple masque in a cup with Mardi Gras beads

    Mardi Gras in Action! Let’s celebrate with Colors!

    Students will learn about Mardi Gras, and create Mardi Gras masks using color vocabulary and school supply vocabulary. INTRODUCTION:Mardi Gras!Show pictures of the festival, people with masks, and…
  • Preview Cartoon of two people writing and sewing activities

    The Magic of the Rainbow: Using Easter to Teach Colors!!

    To teach students colors INTRODUCTION: Have the students write the words (see attached worksheet): egg, chicken, happy, easter, basket, pink, blue, yellow, purple.  (Note 1)   Have…
  • Preview Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City - Good Time

    Good Time
    Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

    • Music video with lyrics
    • Audio player
    • Lyrics table - translations and downloadable!
  • Preview Austin Mahone

    Say Somethin
    Austin Mahone

    • Music video with lyrics
    • Audio player
    • Lyrics table - translations and downloadable!
  • Preview Simpson's Spring Break

    Spring Karuta

    Spring vocabulary Printable spring-themed karuta cards to teach spring vocabulary. Introduce new vocabulary then have students play any card game. Eg. karuta, catch game, etc. I made…
  • Preview Easter egg hunt in green grass

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Simulate the beauty and majesty of that joyous tradition that makes kids clutch their round little tummies with glee, the Easter Egg Hunt! Prep time: Several hours (you need to really love Easter).…
  • Preview Takeshi's egg in someone's hand

    Easter Egg Lesson

    Easter Cultural Lesson A fun lesson where the students get to decorate their very own egg for easter! Materials needed: one hard boiled egg per student coloured crayons, enough for 2 per student…
  • Preview colorful eggs in a basket

    Easter Egg Hunt Game

    Introduce students to an Easter custom while simultaneously reviewing various grammar points This is a great game that can supplement a full Easter lesson or stand alone at the end of a lesson for a…

Recent Content

An image of teachers in Japan in a training session, anime style

Job Training

By: デビッド
Type: Term

The purpose of Job Training is to provide ALT(s) the knowledge and skills necessary to lead successful language study and English language activities. Newly arrived ALTs will have the chance to develop lessons on their own and…

Kobe Guidance Division building external

School Education Division

By: Isaac
Type: Term
  1. Located in in City Hall, Building 3, Floor 7.
  2. Formerly known as the the Guidance Division, the School Education Division is the current contracting organisation for…
A teacher working at a desk on a paper in a folder, in a very organized office, anime style

School Mail

By: デビッド
Type: Term

The mailing system for official document(s) between public schools and government departments throughout Kobe City, called bunshou meeru 文章メール("document mail"). You can use school mail to send documents to other schools in Kobe, or…

Official documents

By: デビッド
Type: Term

These are official documents and forms for the Kobe Board of Education. They must be printed, filled out and submitted in person or through school mail (bunsho).



By: デビッド
Type: Term

A grouping of schools. Several blocks make up a ward. There are 26 blocks in the Kobe school system.


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