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Phase 2 of the KobeJET site relaunch is here! Along with the regular smattering of bug fixes and performance improvements, we bring you MAPS and MAPS!

Check out our new locations of interest map for restaurants, parks, local hikes, and more in Kobe. Then add your own places of intrigue!

Find your school on the schools map - where you'll find the current ALTs, contact information, and more. If your school isn't on the map yet, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to add the address.

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We are ecstatic to announce the launch of the new Kobe JET website!

The new site provides a host of improvements, including a more streamlined and user-friendly lesson search page, easier content management and contribution process, and a modern, mobile-first experience.

Current users are encouraged to help test and provide feedback in our updated ticket system. And of course new users can register to participate, access our full libraries of content, and add new lessons, blogs, and more!

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Our brand new media system is up and running! You will now find it even easier to browse and upload images, audio, and documents.

Please take a moment to review our new Image policy & guidelines as well, to understand web standards for using appropriately sourced images, and help us keep KobeJET as an amazing and open, free online resource for all educators and students.

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Seasonal recommendations

  • Christmas - Jingle Bells

    Jingle Bells
    Frank Sinatra

  • Frozen

    Let it Go

    • Music video with lyrics
    • Audio player
    • Lyrics table - translations and downloadable!
  • Austin Mahone

    Say Somethin
    Austin Mahone

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  • Hearts on fire

    Valentine's Monopoly

    Introduce Valentine's Day through game activities, while practicing interrogatives. First, divide the class into 5 or 6 groups.  The ALT and OTE introduce various vocabulary and themes related…
  • white worksheet

    'How to survive winter' Letter

    Students will practice writing "I think ( ) because ( )" sentences Start class by telling students that you are from a warm country and that winters in Japan are much colder than what you…
  • One million years in the dungeon of my heart cartoon

    Valentines Day Karuta Cards

    Learn Valentine's Day vocabulary by playing karuta Printable Valentine's Day-themed karuta cards to teach Valentine's Day vocabulary. Introduce new vocabulary then have students play any card…
  • Winter is coming - GoT meme cartoon

    Winter Themed Karuta Cards

    Winter Vocabulary Printable winter-themed karuta cards to teach winter vocabulary. Introduce new vocabulary, then have students play any card game. Eg. karuta, catch game, etc.   I made these…

Recent content

View of Kobe Gaidai campus

Kobe Gaidai (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)

By: Hannah Perry
Type: Location

”Kobe Gaidai" is the nickname lovingly used by ALT(s) for the Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. It is a common venue for Kobe BOE-sponsored activities such as Summer School

Frankenstein cartoon

Culture Study (Frankenstein)

By: Eric Lundberg
Type: Lesson

It's a powerpoint presentation on the story of Frankenstein.  It's made for middle school children.  Every slide has text on it.  Simply read the text on a slide and then move on to the next one.  The questions at the end could be skipped, used, or even changed.  The slide before the last slide is supposed to be question time about the topic…

An infographic on where certain letters' sounds are placed around the mouth.


By: Feeya Asmal
Type: Information

This is a guide to articulating the position of certain sounds in the English lesson.

When learning pronunciation of a new language it's important to be able to identify the differences in sound-making; i.e. the position of the articulators: lips, teeth, and tongue.


Dog looking forlornly towards the camera

Body Parts Karuta Cards

By: Elisa Rudolph
Type: Lesson

Funny and slightly challenging karuta cards for the vocab to the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes song. Also includes feet, but you can delete that or switch it for hands or something.

Empowering Junior High School Students (SDC Workshop Handout)

By: Gregory Wolf
Type: Information

This seminar (originally offered at an SDC) is intended to stimulate critical reflection on some of the foundational concepts that underly almost every aspect of our teaching and interaction with junior high school students inside and outside the classroom. Using material from a youth…


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