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This is one of the main events of the Kande Camp , involving the kids trying to accomplish all the location /base/rally-point goals while avoiding the oni (s) who send them back to renew their visas or something and some other stuff.

The website translation team came together in August 2016 with the goal of making the site more accessible to teachers and management personnel other than ALTs. It is a small team of proficient Japanese-speaking ALTs dedicating several hours a week of their own time to translating site elements…

Your contracting organization is Kobe City Board of Education, School Education Division , Human Rights and International Education. In Japanese, that would be 神戸市 教育委員会事務局 学校教育部学校教育課 人権・国際教育担当

Anyone you would need to communicate with about work-related matters or send paperwork to is…

board 1 , board 2 , board 3

Here are some examples of how schedule changes are often written! For more details and a comprehensive glossary, take a look at the attached Word doc.

Some examples of how schedule changes are written: 10月11日(火) October 11 (Tuesday) 金の授業 Friday’s classes

10月11日 (火) October…

This app has an English interface and details for all monsters and events on JP servers. You can see the current skill monster rotations, available Godfest exclusives, upcoming events, and more. You can also track your current monsters and teams and theorycraft.

Disclaimer 1: Having a phone in Japan is not required or reimbursed by the JET  Programme, CLAIR , or the Guidance Division (GD). That said, although it may not be required by law or terms of appointment, is basically required by proper social convention. (Read: purchase a…

Meeting agenda

  • Build information and glossary out
  • Locations - add most useful locations, esp. those that will be talked about/visited during orientation/neighborhood days
    • Edit current locations needing more information (e.g., KEC )

Purchasing a commuter pass as an employee of Kobe City necessitates a bit of a process. Here's how it's done.


1. If...

a. ...you are a new JET , contact us at the Guidance Division to receive your correct travel route. Just send an email to either of the CIRs, and they…

The Masquerade module has been added, and allows the ability for users with appropriate permissions to sign in as another user. This is useful to see exactly what that user, with their attached roles, permissions, and other settings, sees.

To masquerade as another user, go to the…

1. Go to Community --> Directory in the blue bar.

2. Ctrl+F the user you are looking for.

3. Click on the user link.


4. Click on the Roles tab.

5. Check/uncheck the appropriate boxes.

6. Click Save.


The following will allow you to inspect script-moderated elements, such as the automatically generated suggestions for the search bar.

jQuery(window).keydown(function(e) { if (e.keyCode == 123) debugger; }); This will cause execution to be paused when you hit F12.

(debugger is a…

If a commuter pass is lost, go to the Police Koban and the Lost and Found office of the train or bus to write a lost report. You could also tell your school and the surrounding buildings of the area in which it was lost. Commuter passes cannot be refunded by the train station or the KEC . …


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Today, I am here to discuss something very important to life as a Kobe JET : nenkyuu .


Written as 年休, nenkyuu means “yearly paid leave.” In Kobe, you are granted 20 leave days each year of appointment. These days may be taken in increments of 1 day, 1/2 day (3.…

Kobe City website has maps showing the likelihood of certain common hazards during extreme weather events. You can click the tabs at the top of each map to toggle between different alerts. Hazards related to heavy rains: http://www.city.kobe.lg.jp/safety/prevention/map/hazardMap/index.html?lay=…

The Agenda:

A. Sick Leave (9 points)

B. Short Contract/ Leavers (3 points)

C. Future Changes (2 points)

D. Misc./ Other (4 points) 

Please note that this document is…

Question: What do you call leftover eraser rubbings?

Answer: Keshigomi.



Disclaimer: Or keshikasu.

Round up ideas - https://www.cssdesignawards.com/blog/round-up-38-neat-css-js-hover-effe…