The website translation team came together in August 2016 with the goal of making the site more accessible to teachers and management personnel other than ALTs. It is a small team of proficient Japanese-speaking ALTs dedicating several hours a week of their own time to translating site elements…

How do I manage new account requests for KobeJET.com?

CIRs and site administrators can approve or delete new account requests for KobeJET.com.

Click "Tools" > "JETs" > "Account requests"

To approve:

Pension fund information , Pension fund steps 1 , Pension fund steps 2 , Pension fund steps 3 , Pension fund steps 4

**For those staying in Japan, scroll down. :)



  • Kobe Leaving JET Guidebook, “Money Matters” page 10
  • JET Programme General Information Handbook (GIH),…

Mondays -- Monday TV Night: We watch a variety of programming; recent titles include The Walking Dead, Westworld, and Stranger Things. Currently showing: Game of Thrones and The Expanse. Starts 19:45 at 3-201.

Thursdays -- Dungeons and Dragons: The high-…

Chiba AJET is a social community for JETs, WI-ALTS, and anyone who wants an opportunity to get together, have fun and support each other while promoting international culture exchange in Chiba Prefecture. Membership is free and anybody with ideas for events can submit a proposal to our council…

1. Allow ALT(s) to:

  • Create ICP/DS events? Yes, ALTs are responsible for creating their own KICP event pages, adding them to the calendar, and keeping track of registration. We will not review the registration list until the host school's ALT has confirmed the list is complete and…

A popular news source in Japan provided in English

You have 3 options: 

1. Take Byoukyuu (Sick Leave)

2. Take Nenkyuu (Paid Leave)

3. Take Tokkyuu (Special Leave)

Byokyuu (can only be taken in full-day increments)

Call your principal to let them know that you will be taking sick leave. The first…

In response to inquiries about emergency procedures, CIRs Nicole and Daniel put together a list of some general advice below:

Emergency procedures are different depending on the type of emergency, and missile tests and strikes require different actions than the natural disasters covered…

Hello everyone,  Many ALT(s) choose to move apartments during their time on JET. I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the process and paperwork for moving out of Kobe city-arranged housing. Up until now, we've been sending the following information on an individual basis…

Instructions: Switching a foreign driver’s license to a Japanese driver’s license

A driver’s license issued by a foreign administrative office can be switched to a Japanese license (hereinafter referred to as “Gaimen Kirikae”) by applying to the Driver’s License Center. To apply for…

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Thank you for visiting English Web Book. Here you will find many free activities for teachers teaching communicative English.

This is an archive of my lesson planning and ideas for your future classroom projects. Please use this site, primarily, as a way to make new ideas for your own…

1. Click on ファイル  (File) at the top of your window. , 2. Click on オプション (Options) at the bottom of the list. , 3. Click on 言語 (Language) on the left side, and then change the ポップヒント言語の設定 (Tooltip language setting) on the right side at the bottom.
  • Click on ファイル (File) at the top of your window.
  • Click on オプション (Options) at the bottom of the list.
  • Click on 言語 (Language) on the left side, and then change the ポップヒント言語の設定 (Tooltip language setting) on the right side at the bottom.
  • Much thanks to Matt Pulzford…

    The Association of Japan Exchange and Teaching (AJET) is a volunteer organization composed of and for participants of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme.

    ShizAJET is a local chapter which supports JETs placed in Shizuoka-ken. We plan events, produce publications, and do our…

    Organic Center & online shop

    KobeJET.com announcements January 27, 2017

    Call out for lesson plans!

    As we approach the end of the year, you know those awesome lessons you made that the kids loved and really helped them practice their English - while learning about different cultures and being FUN…

    fareadjust1 , fareadjust2 , fareadjust3 , fareadjust4 , fareadjust5 , fareadjust6 , fareadjust7 , fareadjust8
  • Find the Fare Adjustment Machine near the gates. It should be yellow and say 乗り越し精算.
  • If needed, press the "English" button to change languages.
  • Insert your commuter pass in the upper left ticket slot. (Do this with any small ticket, magnetic ticket, or IC card.)