How do I manage new account requests for KobeJET.com?

CIRs and site administrators can approve or delete new account requests for KobeJET.com.

Click "Tools" > "JETs" > "Account requests"

To approve:

Choose from over 250 books, both fiction and non-fiction, in English and Japanese (and a couple more). Open to everyone! Let's reading! \(^.^)/

** To sign up for an account, look for the green "sign up" button at the bottom of any book's info page. **

If you take sick leave , this form needs to be stamped by both your Kyoto-sensei and Koucho-sensei before being sent to the Guidance Division . If you are sick for 5 or more working days (weekends and holidays in between included), you also need to submit a medical certificate. Attached is a…

This is one of the main events of the Kande Camp , involving the kids trying to accomplish all the location /base/rally-point goals while avoiding the oni (s) who send them back to renew their visas or something and some other stuff.

Purpose: To inform and encourage people to use the website and its resources.


  • Update current school information
  • Add school email/fax
  • Submit predecessor note for previous school if recently moved
  • Answer unanswered questions or submit other…

Another great source for English lesson activities!

Download, print, and photocopy our beautifully designed, well-planned English lessons and flashcards to help you teach a better class.

Let me introduce the Triage Triangle. This is a helpful tool in helping you decide who to ask for help. Don't be afraid to ever seek support, but it's important to be mindful of the people you are asking!…

***The system for this has not been finalized yet, so current submissions will NOT reach your CIRs.

Please send copies of your teiki to the School Education Division via the current CIR 's work email. Please send in .pdf or .jpeg format, NOT .html. ***


Once logged in…

This app has an English interface and details for all monsters and events on JP servers. You can see the current skill monster rotations, available Godfest exclusives, upcoming events, and more. You can also track your current monsters and teams and theorycraft.

A fairly comprehensive guide to living on Port Island

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A tentative list for periodic initiatives and pushes for KobeJET


  • Newsletters
  • Predecessor's notes
  • Adding locations/lessons for newbies
  • KobeJET team only - I can't edit/don't know how to ________ - make new information pages

Tofugu started out as a college course project in 2008. It was rooted as a Japanese language blog for English speakers. Over the years Tofugu began to find its niche and evolved into a full-time business.

Today there are two facets of Tofugu: the blog and the company.



To refresh/rebuild the kobejet.com test site for testing drupal and/or module updates before applying to the production site, you can follow the instructions here: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/drupal-7/duplicate-drupal-test-site

神戸市情報教育基盤サービス  (こうべしじょうほうきょういくきばんサービス) Kobe city Information Infrastructure service For education

To show a Prezi presentation offline, you simply need to open and fully load in a browser tab the Prezi you wish to present. Then you can disconnect your laptop/KIIF from the internet and still safely play the Prezi within the browser.

Please note:

  • If you close the browser…

What is a KICP ?

KICP stands for Kobe International Caravan Program . Kobe ALTs and CIR (s) usually use the acronym KICP to refer to both individual events and the program itself. This is a program through which various Junior High or Senior High schools around Kobe City…