Sending Your Life Home in a Cardboard Box

When it comes to sending belongings home , the last thing you want is to lug countless heavy items to the post office, only to find out that weight and size exceeds the limits, or that the final price exceeds your budget. And perhaps the next to last thing you want is to be surprised at how detailed the customs form is and have to reopen packages to remember what the contents are.


Hopefully the attached items will help you know what to expect.



Kobe Leaving JET Guidebook, “Heading Home ” page 22



Methods of shipment from least to most expensive, slowest to fastest:

  1. Surface
  2. Economy Air (SAL)
  3. Airmail

EMS is one option for shipment, but Japan Post tends to be even cheaper.


Books may be sent separately at lower prices, but the package must be entirely printed matter and nothing else. For those living in Hanayama , apparently the JP office adjacent to the Coop Mini offers the printed matter service. For those living in Tamondai , I'm sorry, I don't know where the closest JP office is.


When preparing to send mail, you might find the below Japan Post guide helpful. Don’t forget to have a scale and a meter stick handy!