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All doctors study English diagnosis names and at the very least should be able to write the name of your problem down for you.

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A fairly comprehensive guide to living on Port Island

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To add a new announcement;

To manage announcements, including promoting and removing announcements from the front page;

Another great source for English lesson activities!


Disclaimer 1: Having a phone in Japan is not required or reimbursed by the JET Programme, CLAIR, or the

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A tentative list for periodic initiatives and pushes for KobeJET


Add a New Background

1. Hover mouse over the "+ Add" tab. Click on "Background". 

2. Add a background name. 

1. Go to Community --> Directory in the blue bar.

2. Ctrl+F the user you are looking for.

3. Click on the user link.


4. Click on the Roles tab.

5. Check/uncheck the appropriate boxes.

6. Click Save.


7. Click on the Edit tab.

Most useful information, such as guides, how-to's, etc. can be added as basic information pages, viewable on the main information page and specifiable to the correct target audience (Incoming JETs, Leaving JETs, CIRs/admins, etc.)

Meeting agenda

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This list is geared towards new JET(s) with little or no Japanese ability. If you print this and keep it at your desk or in your English classroom, it could save you a lot of stress and confusion! Printable version is at the bottom of this page.


Purpose: To inform and encourage people to use the website and its resources.


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  1. Find the Fare Adjustment Machine near the gates. It should be yellow and say 乗り越し精算.
  2. If needed, press the "English" button to change languages.
  3. Insert your commuter pass in the upper left ticket slot. (Do this with any small ticket, magnetic ticket, or IC card.)
  4. The screen will indicate how much money you owe.
fareadjust1 , fareadjust2 , fareadjust3 , fareadjust4 , fareadjust5 , fareadjust6 , fareadjust7 , fareadjust8

Several features have been added to the standard tablefield module. These include the "add row" and "empty fields" features. The entire blog can be found here:

Depending on what Internet Service Provider, or ISP (e.g., Softbank, Yahoo BB!, Docomo, etc.), you sign up with - you will most likely receive both a modem and router.

Both will need power and thus will have power cords to plug into outlets.

internet connection

There are several methods to use the core RESTful services to set up an excel or csv export of views, but the most popular and best supported one appears to be