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Attached  is a  Quick start up guide on how to Open a file in PS, set it up to work with, and save the file after the image is edited.

There is also a brief breakdown of recommended Adobe programs.

Getting started with Photoshop379 KB

This app has an English interface and details for all monsters and events on JP servers. You can see the current skill monster rotations, available Godfest exclusives, upcoming events, and more. You can also track your current monsters and teams and theorycraft.


How to sell JET to your next employer


Presentation Notes by Marisa and Jack at the Kobe JET SDC on 27 January 2017.


How to sell JET to your next employer52.45 KB announcements

January 27, 2017

Call out for lesson plans! announcements - January 27, 201717.17 KB

How do I manage new account requests for

CIRs and site administrators can approve or delete new account requests for

Click "Tools" > "JETs" > "Account requests"

To approve:

Removing old events

2017 Proposals for Kobe JET website                                                                         

2017 Proposals for Kobe JET website19.1 KB

神戸市情報教育基盤サービス  (こうべしじょうほうきょういくきばんサービス) Kobe city Information Infrastructure service For education

Travel reimbursement is avaiable for all official shucchou approved by the Guidance Division.

Transport Form.pdf32.95 KB

If you take sick leave, this form needs to be stamped by both your Kyoto-sensei and Koucho-sensei before be

Notification of Sick Leave35.3 KB

These are modules we're waiting for release versions of to install and use on the site:

Drawing Field -

Automatic Nodetitles -

The website translation team came together in August 2016 with the goal of making the site more accessible to teachers and management personnel other than ALTs. It is a small team of proficient Japanese-speaking ALTs dedicating several hours a week of their own time to translating site elements and Speakra

  1. Can KobeJET be used as a local registry, replacing the current system of Excel sheets?
    • Pros
      • Easier and faster to add and update information
      • Easier to access information in a centralized
KobeJET discussion agenda - October 20th, 201615.85 KBKobeJET discussion agenda - December 15th, 201617.5 KB

The Masquerade module has been added, and allows the ability for users with appropriate permissions to sign in as another user. This is useful to see exactly what that user, with their attached roles, permissions, and other settings, sees.

2014 Group B

  • August 4 - first official day of work in Kobe
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Kobe City website has maps showing the likelihood of certain common hazards during extreme weather events. You can click the tabs at the top of each map to toggle between different alerts.

typhoon neoguri

Am I employed by the JET Program... CLAIR...


Here is the powerpoint containing all the info given at the Women's Health Info Session in summer of 2016.

Women’s Health Information Session.pptx2.48 MB

Let Sleeping Idioms Lie - a good introduction to popular idioms lessons

1000+ English idioms - a good list categorized by theme

Idioms picture

To refresh/rebuild the test site for testing drupal and/or module updates before applying to the production site, you can follow the instructions here: