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The two most common ways are to:

Pink Weed and ModernArk are both café/restaurants in Motomachi specializing in vegan/vegetarian cuisine with set options and vegan desserts. ModernArk also has a selection of organic and vegan food and home products.

These are the spirit animals for the varying ALT years during your stay with JET!

JET animals

Today, I am here to discuss something very important to life as a Kobe JET: nenkyuu.


***The system for this has not been finalized yet, so current submissions will NOT reach your CIRs.


There are multiple ways to send money from Japan to your home countries: 

GoRemit Overseas Remittance Service


  • Taylor Swift
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  • Katy Perry
  • Michael Jackson
  • Bananaman
  • Obama
  • Lance Ferguson


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Your contracting organization is Kobe City Board of Education, School Education Division, Human Rights and International Education. In Japanese, that would be 神戸市 教育委員会事務局 学校教育部学校教育課 人権・国際教育担当

The sun is shining bright, classrooms are heating up, you're melting in your cool biz, and your students have been in their summer uniforms for a while now. You can feel the semester starting to wind down, and it's about time for a vacation. But how do you take summer leave?

This is one of the main events of the Kande Camp, involving the kids trying to accomplish all the location/base/rally-point goals while avoiding the

Kande Camp Scavenger Hunt scavengerkande.png46.06 KB

Purchasing a commuter pass as an employee of Kobe City necessitates a bit of a process. Here's how it's done.


1. If...

Hankyu Bus.pdf818.03 KBShintetsu・Hokushinkyuukou.pdf655.73 KB[Kobe JET Guidebook] Commuting Route Application Form (通勤届).pdf190.41 KB

What is a DS?

「DS」様式1号 ALT派遣申込書.doc34 KB「DS」様式3号 ALT派遣依頼.doc29 KB

What is a KICP?

KICP 様式1号.doc31.5 KBKICP 様式2号.doc40 KBKICP 様式3号.doc29.5 KBKICP 様式4号.doc30 KBHOW TO _ KICP & DS.pptx89.53 KB

You have 3 options: 

1. Take Byoukyuu (Sick Leave)

2. Take Nenkyuu (Paid Leave)

If a commuter pass is lost, go to the Police Koban and the Lost and Found office of the train or bus to write a lost report. You could also tell your school and the surrounding buildings of the area in which it was lost. Commuter passes cannot be refunded by the train station or the KEC

When it comes to sending belongings home, the last thing you want is to lug countless heavy items to the post office, only to find out that weight and size exceeds the limits, or that the final price exceeds your budget.

EMS Mail Form.pdf1.01 MBJP Mail Form.pdf1.19 MBShipping Rates.pdf4.69 MB

Pension fund fun diagram**For those staying in Japan, scroll down. :)



Pension fund information , Pension fund steps 1 , Pension fund steps 2 , Pension fund steps 3 , Pension fund steps 4 Tax Rep 1.pdf503.57 KBTax Rep 2.pdf454.24 KB脱退一時金裁定請求書.pdf304.07 KB

1. Allow ALT(s) to:

UPDATE: Natasha Miner has offered to coordinate sections for the move with Camden McAllister - please contact them for details on how you can help!

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When you arrive at Narita Airport, many of you will choose to ship your luggage ahead to Kobe City. Although you do not have to pay anything upfront, you will be billed about a month later. You will be expected to pay via "furikomi" or bank transfer.

furikomi SMBC furikomi instructions1.56 MBYuucho Ginkou furikomi instructions (JP Post)1.53 MB