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Development to Production environment changes

By: David Dowell
Type: 情報

The dev environment should have several changes made:

  • Shield module installed and enabled.
  • Lines 14-16 in the htaccess-timbers.patch file should change "www" to "dev".
  • Twig debugging should…
Frankenstein cartoon

Culture Study (Frankenstein)

By: Eric Lundberg
Type: レッスン

It's a powerpoint presentation on the story of Frankenstein.  It's made for middle school children.  Every slide has text on it.  Simply read the text on a slide and then move on to the next one.  The questions at the end could be skipped, used, or even changed.  The slide before the last slide is supposed to be question time about the topic…


By: Test CIR
Type: Term
932Skills Development Conference Purpose:

The purpose of the Skills Development Conference is to aid ALT(s) participating in the JET and KATE programs by giving them the knowledge and skills…

An infographic on where certain letters' sounds are placed around the mouth.


By: Feeya Asmal
Type: 情報

This is a guide to articulating the position of certain sounds in the English lesson.

When learning pronunciation of a new language it's important to be able to identify the differences in sound-making; i.e. the position of the articulators: lips, teeth, and tongue.


Dog looking forlornly towards the camera

Body Parts Karuta Cards

By: Elisa Rudolph
Type: レッスン

Funny and slightly challenging karuta cards for the vocab to the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes song. Also includes feet, but you can delete that or switch it for hands or something.


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