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Development to Production environment changes

The dev environment should have several changes made:

Japan Talk

Japan Talk is a Japanese culture and travel guide. We love Japan more than 3 meals a day.

Japan Talk logo
JALT Publications

Publications of the Japan Association for Language Teaching

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Reward Systems

Fun, engaging methods to track students' progress and/or participation in class (i.e., usually via a sticker or stamp point system card).

Example downloadable reward systems.


This is a guide to articulating the position of certain sounds in the English lesson.

When learning pronunciation of a new language it's important to be able to identify the differences in sound-making; i.e. the position of the articulators: lips, teeth, and tongue.

The language is aimed at the native speaker.

An infographic on where certain letters' sounds are placed around the mouth.
How do I turn off the falling snowflakes?

Click the rotating snowflake in the lower bottom, left-hand corner to disable the falling snowflakes.

12/5 Meeting with Mr. Matsuura, Mr. McCarthy, Ms. Tomcal 

The Agenda:

A. Sick Leave (9 points)

Empowering Junior High School Students (SDC Workshop Handout)

This seminar (originally offered at an SDC) is intended to stimulate critical reflection on some of the foundational concepts that underly almost every aspect of our teaching and interaction with junior high school students inside and outside the classroom.

Get Involved
Join the KobeJET website team!

Interested in becoming a contributor to our lessons one of our other resources? Helping with content moderation or translation? These are great opportunities to practice your editing or translation skills, and add professional, visible real-world experience to your resume.

2019 JET Programme Reappointment Procedures

For JET Participant Use

2019 JET Programme Reappointment Procedures

ALTs & CIRs from English-Speaking Countries

SEAs ・ ALTs & CIRs from countries with a small number of participants

Moving out procedures

Hello everyone, 


KobeJET is an online resource for English teaching and living in Japan. The goal is to facilitate the sharing information pertinent to living and working in Japan, educational methods and lesson plans, and community engagement.

English WebBook

Thank you for visiting English Web Book. Here you will find many free activities for teachers teaching communicative English.

ALT English lesson games, activities and more for teaching in Japan.

The goal of this site is to help ALTs teaching English in Japan.

We do this by sharing helpful, insightful, educational, or inspiring information.

Mie Guidebook

Welcome to the Mie Guidebook!

The internet's most comprehensive English-language guide to living in Mie Prefecture


Find activities, games, and worksheets to use in your English classes. Share your ideas and help your fellow teachers make their classes awesome!

The Best Websites & Resources for Teaching English in Japan

Planning on teaching English in Japan?

Wondering where you should start?

Well you are in the right place. Here you will find a number of resources and websites on: where to look for a teaching job and where to find out more about living and teaching English in Japan.

Kyoto JETS

KYOTO JETS is a website run by the current PAs in Kyoto City and Kyoto Prefecture for the purpose of distributing information and providing support.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact one of the Kyoto PAs at any time!

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