Elua diner

Elua Diner

Essentially the replacement burger joint for those of us who were all about some SB Diner.


Junk Burger

Junk Burger

That down and dirty heavy stacker burger you've been longing for.

A burger joint with a variety of other…

Kannonya Motomachi storefront


You can eat delicious sweets while looking at Buddhist statues (Motomachi location only) and other delightful…

Lima Coffee

Lima Coffee

A staple in the Kobe Coffee community. Located between both JR Kobe and JR Motomachi, and just south of the…

Kobe Trick Art Museum PA Amb

Trick Art Museum

A fun, interactive building in the Kitano area that was built in the Meiji era. There are six optical illusions that…

English Speaking Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Yamada went to school in Portland, Oregon so his English is perfect. He takes national health insurance and is a…

Baan Thai

Baan Thai

The tastiest Thai food in Kobe! Straight up yo.

Adjustable spiciness levels: 1-5. 3 will still wreck you bro…

Nim. cafe 1

Nim. cafe

Highly recommended cafe by the students of Rokko Island High School - has a nice atmosphere with the lunch menu…

Matsuda Eye Clinic (松田眼科クリニック)

Matsuda Eye Clinic

Specializing in contacts, eyeglasses, and medications.

English OK!


Kobe City Kande Nature Education Garden

Host location for the Kande Camp and Kande Camp Scavenger Hunt.


Trekking Over the Mountain to Arima Onsen

This is a personal favorite trail of mine that takes you up and over the summit of Mt. Rokko and down into Arima…


Futatabi Park

A quiet mid sized park with a central lake, located atop Mt. Rokko.


Jam Jam (Jazz Cafe)

A chilled out cafe for the jazz lovers. Steady tunes of new wave and classic jazz on vinyl. 

Hosts a…

Kobe Planetarium

Bando Kobe Science Museum

Containing the only planetarium in Kobe, the Bando Kobe Science Museum is a great place for everyone young and old…

Flying Tiger outside

Flying Tiger Copenhagen (RIP)

A general lifestyle store in the Centergai shopping district with tons of items that are cool, useful, or both.…


Spark: Scone & Bicycle

A cafe that also loans out really nice bikes for a great daily deal!

The staff is very friendly and helpful.…

Hanayama Coop

Hanayama Coop

The one-stop shop for basic necessities and food items for your friendly neighborhood Hanayamans. A bit more…


Troopcafe (Night Club)

An all-night Saturday club for those who dig the sweet sensual sounds of disco, house, funk, etc.

A chill and…

Post office building

Kobe Chuo Central Post Office

This is the big central post office in Kobe. It's convenient because it's one of the few post offices that are open…

Window view

Greenhouse SILVA (グリーンハウスシルバ)

Forest themed paradise in the middle of a concrete city.

Great food, drinks, and atmosphere!


The Barber #1

The Barber 理髪館三宮店

Great, cheap haircut place. For ¥1,500 you can get a haircut, shampoo AND shave (even if you're sporting a mountain…



THE store for anime/manga - an infamous aspect of Japanese pop culture. They sell manga (comics), CDs, DVDs,…


Max Valu - Oike

Your essential 24 supermarket located close to Hanayama. It's really big and has a much larger selection than a lot…