Doctor Guide for Kobeites

All doctors study English diagnosis names and at the very least should be able to write the name of your problem down for you. For a searchable-by-specialty list of English-speaking doctors in Hyogo, see - for an online listing of doctors in all of Hyogo Prefecture. Lets you search for one that has English speakers. Options to search by specialty *and* by ward.

If you’re uncomfortable with a certain doctor or question their diagnosis, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. (JETs: also please remember that if you have a medical emergency or a serious medical issue CIRs can help you out.) Finally, note that the inclusion of a doctor on this list means that someone at some time liked them – it means that it’s more likely that you will too, but not a certainty. This guide was initially created for JETs, so has a bias toward places where Kobe JETs are congregated – however, the compiler is now a Kobe JET alumni still in Kobe and decided to broaden things a little (& change the title).

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