Add 'Em Game

By Jessica Dovey, 15 7月, 2016
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Junior High
To practice janken in English plus numbers, months, or age

This game is from Genki English.

  1.  Make pairs.
  2. Each student shows a number of fingers on one hand.
  3. When you say, "Go," the two students turn to face each other.
  4. The first student to say the correct sum of fingers shown by both hands is the winner.

    For months of the year, the students have to ask in unison, "When is your birthday," and when you say, "Go!" they turn and say the corresponding month (7 fingers=July). For this version, they should only hold up 0-6 fingers.

    Can also be used for age. Ask in unison, "How old are you?" then on your cue, they turn around.


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