A Memorable Visit

James, 22 7月, 2016
Students will be familiar with how to use “I visited” in a sentence.
approx. 80 one-sided flag cards

Choose eight countries’ flags and print out forty pairs of each. The flags should be no bigger than 4cm by 4cm or 2inches by 2inches (Microsoft powerpoint can be used to change the sizes). Glue half the pairs on one colour of construction paper, and the other half on a second colour.  Laminate and then cut them down to previously mentioned sizes.

Divide the class into five groups, and explain that the game they are playing is a memory game. Students take turns picking up one colour card and saying, “I visited _______”, and then they must find the matching card. Students with the most matches win the game.


Group sizes are a variable here, with fewer kids in a group making for a longer game. It depends on how many cards you are willing to make. Famous places can be substituted for flags. Famous foods can also be used, with the students then having to guess what country they have been to. Persistence is needed to make sure students use the sentence. This same lesson can be used to study the Simple Past Tense irregular by changing "I visited" to "I went to".


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