Useful links for Kobe City weather hazards and safety advisories

Kobe City website has maps showing the likelihood of certain common hazards during extreme weather events. You can click the tabs at the top of each map to toggle between different alerts.

Hazards related to heavy rains:
This set of maps covers hazards related to heavy rains. In order, the tabs are landslides, river overflow, storm drain overflow, underground facilities flooding (like the subway), tsunami, and seawall breach.

Tsunami hazard map:

Hyogo Prefectural site hazard maps are more English-friendly, but require you to select your location with more specificity:

In addition to these maps, there are many great resources on the Kobe City website, so you may want to take the time to get familiar with it. Quite a lot is available in English and other languages as well.

Whenever typhoons or other severe weather events affect Kobe, please keep an eye on the homepage for current conditions and alerts. Please make sure that you know where your nearest evacuation center is, and that you have a bag with essentials ready to go just in case. Here are some more useful links:

Please always remember to use caution and common sense whenever you travel outside during a storm or extreme weather event. Remember, you can call 119 at any time for help during an emergency:

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