Rokko Island Science Spectacular

Stephanie, 21 10月, 2016


Everyone knows Vitamin C is good for you, but do the foods you eat have as much as you think they do?

Come join the second year Science Course students as we test various foods to see which has the most Vitamin C.  As an ALT leader, you will help guide a small group of students through this fun experiment using only English! The students will make a hypothesis, test it, and then present on their findings. 

And unlike most "entry-level" jobs, no prior experience is necessary; we'll provide you with all the science info you need. So, whether you majored in Organic Chemistry or your only memory from science class is watching Bill Nye, you're in for a great afternoon!

P.S. - If all that doesn't inspire you to come, the 12:30 start time includes the opportunity to try our school's hugely popular and tasty karaage don and churros.

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