Movie Skits

By Ayumi Sawada, 6 12月, 2016
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To allow the students to practice translation and English expressions in a fun, dramatic performance

Movie Skits

Presentation must be conducted entirely in English!

Groups of 2-4

Groups will choose a movie scene in English, with the goal of translating the dialogue into Japanese, and then dramatically performing (or re-enacting) the scenes in front of their classmates to convey the meaning.

After each presentation observing students will complete a short, anonymous assessment with comments on the performance to be given to the groups as constructive feedback at the end.

Peer assessment can include:

  • Effective - did they understand the meaning of the movie skit in English?
  • Engaging - was the performance entertaining?
  • Style - was the group easy to hear? Were they well practiced/organized?
  • Worksheet - overall quality assessment.

5-week breakdown

Week 1 - Introduction of lesson agenda

  • Explain how the students will form groups and choose a movie scene to:
    • Introduce their group
    • Present their trailer in English in a dramatic performance
    • Short lesson
      • Create a worksheet activity
      • Organize and lead a short lesson
  • Homework
    • Make a group
    • Choose a movie scene
  1. minimum number of English words?

Week 2 - Script writing and translation

  • Homework - Handout worksheet examples, groups brainstorm possible activities

Week 3 - Begin making worksheet and planning lesson

  • no longer than 2 mins activity/writing time

Week 4 - Finishing and rehearsing

Week 5 & 6 - Presentations


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