Birthday Bingo

Cuddly Bear
  1. Go through the dates in a month and months of a year. Have students repeat after ALT .
  2. Ask the question ‘When is your birthday?’ Model the response, ‘My birthday is October 1st’.
  3. Hand out the bingo sheets to the students. Make sure there is enough space on the worksheet to write in the dates.
  4. Also pass out the smaller cards.

Months and Birthdays



Introduce the vocabulary. After pronouncing each month you can write a corresponding katakana character as a hint on the picture card.

Write “When is your birthday?” and “My birthday is in….” on the board and ask students what they mean and practice pronunciation. A good idea is to start by breaking down the phrase.  Repeat with all of the months.


Hand out the worksheet, and write on the board:


When is your birthday?

My birthday is in 〜 .

Sign, please.

Months: Ice Cream Cones



Show month cards and get students to repeat. Guess with the picture clues when the HRT and ALT 's birthdays are.


  • Hand out the month cards and get the students to think of one thing that happens in those months such as a festival or what the weather is like. Present their choices to the class in month order.

Birthday Ice Cream

Add 'Em Game


This game is from Genki English.

  1.  Make pairs.
  2. Each student shows a number of fingers on one hand.
  3. When you say, "Go," the two students turn to face each other.
  4. The first student to say the correct sum of fingers shown by both hands is the winner.

    For months of the year, the students have to ask in unison, "When is your birthday," and when you say, "Go!" they turn and say the corresponding month (7 fingers=July). For this version, they should only hold up 0-6 fingers.

Balloon Volleyball Game

Balloons released

This is a fun, general game that can be used to learn any kind of vocab. The aim of the game is to keep the balloon in the air by hitting it like a volleyball.


  • First learn the names of the months using flashcards, chants or any other methods.
  • Next inflate a balloon or have one of the students blow it up.


In this instance, the game will use months as the vocab.

Months of the Year! Doubt!


Let's play B.S., also known as Doubt (dauto ダウト) in Japanese.

For this game you'll need to make decks of cards. In each deck there should be four cards for each month. Four Januarys, four Februarys etc. (If your kids are up to it, you can just remove the Kings from ordinary packs of cards and have them remember 1–12 as January–December.)

Divide the kids up into groups of 5 or 7. The groups must have odd numbers or the students will keep getting the same months over and over. Each group needs one deck.