(p.22) LET’S TALK 2 - If it’s clear, let’s play baseball

Puzzle Scramble


Laminate each picture with the nine word cards on the back.  (They should print out correctly aligned for the game.) Put each set of cards into an envelope and label the envelope with the sentence’s number. Making two sets of each sentence is sufficient because the students can complete the sentences in any order.


Divide the students into groups of 4. Each student gets an individual worksheet.

1.  Each group takes one envelope and assmbles the puzzle.

How is the weather?

In this activity the students must ask their partner How is the weather? in order to fill in the respective blanks.

After familiarising the students with the material, give them the handouts.

ALT and OTE  demonstrate.

A: How is the weather in ~ on ~day?

B: It’s rainy/snowy etc.

If X, then Y (a la Rube Goldberg)

The lesson uses the Rube Goldberg idea of an extremely complicated machine which does something really simple (for a great example, which you could even show your kids, see the music video for “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go). You can also read up on Rube Goldberg machines on wikipedia.

The lesson time is divided into an introduction, a creative brainstorming process, a presentation prep time, and presentation time.