(p.26) P2 - I am going to visit my friend tomorrow.

Rock Star Schedule

Hand out a blank schedule for each student and tell them to think of an artist name for themselves. My OTE and I told them to get creative with real artiste names. Some great examples – ‘Karashi’, ‘Funky Gorilla Babys’, ‘SMALL BANG’, ‘Two Direction’

Students have to plan the tour schedule for the artist and fill in the 5 boxes. They can use the list below the schedule for inspiration. I told my students to choose 3 activities from the list and come up with 2 activities themselves.

Letter to Myself

Inspired by Angela Aki’s Tegami

After reviewing the grammar point, ask students if they were nervous in March the year before, when they were elementary school students. If/when they say no, get your OTE to tell you if they really were or not.

Explain that they are going to write a letter to themselves back then and talk about school life in junior high. Because they are writing to their past selves, they have to use the future tense.

Halloween jack o'lanterns

Works naturally with JHS 2 because the textbook talks about jack o’lanterns and Halloween, but could be adapted for the other two levels easily.  Also could be displayed at Culture Festival easily…

In class, give the students the worksheet, and tell them that they are making a jack o’ lantern.  In the space underneath, they are to introduce the pumpkin.

I required four sentences and one use of the future tense.  I gave them this example:

Back to the Future Tense

First, I’ll show my kids a slideshow of me doing things on vacation, but I lie and say this vacation is coming up and I took the pictures with my “future camera.” As we go through it, I have the kids help me make example future tense sentences on the board. (“I will go to Seoul.” or “I am going to go to Seoul.”)

Vacation Plan

First, go to JR Central or any travel agency and pick up around 9-10 travel pamphlets.  Take a look at the pamphlets to make sure they have enough information and pictures for things to see and eat.

Break students up into groups of 4-5 students.  Assign a country to each group and give them their pamphlets. Explain that they will make a travel plan for the country that they are given.  They must write sentences for what they will eat, see, do, and buy.

Fortune Teller

  • On each side of the CHAT square, the students write down four numbers, four names of the opposite gender (famous people, anime characters, or friends), and four careers.
  • Once the board is complete, have the students write the first kanji or character of their first name and have them count the strokes.  This is their magic number.
  • Starting at the C and moving in a clock-wise direction, each student counts their magic number.  Whatever choice they land on is then crossed off.  They continue this process (beginning with the next choice), until each