(p.43) LET'S TALK 2 - Where is ~?

"Where is the ~ ?" Memory Game

This is a variation of memory that I made, which adds a fun but simple twist to the game and uses the key phrase, "Where is ~?"
It's played in pairs, though it could be easily altered to accomodate a group of 3 or 4, and it uses picture cards with the place names taught in Hi Friends 2 Lesson 4. In order to bring the total number of cards up to 15, I added a "cafe" and "arcade" card, though these can be omitted.


Guess Where the ALT is?

To introduce the activity, the ALT goes to the front of the class and describes how to get somewhere using the phrases that will be reviewed that day. For example, the ALT can describe how to get to somewhere inside the school like the library or the gym. Then the students have to guess the place that the ALT described. After this, the students can review the common phrases used when giving directions such as “turn left”, “walk along this street,” etc. Students fill in the Japanese blanks on their phrase sheet.

Where is the _____?

1. Review the grammar point, country names, animal names as necessary.

2. Divide the class into six groups. Give one worksheet to each group.

3. Have the students choose the order of students in the group (who is student #1~6).

4. The goal is to find all the animals first. You and your OTE have the answers.

5 Each group (groups 1-3 to you and 4-6 to your OTE) sends their first representative. Student #1 asks “Where is the __(insert any animal from the bottow of the worksheet here) __?”

I'm Lost!

  1. Hand out worksheet.
  2. Review basic vocabulary related to directional instructions.
  3. Students choose a destination from the map and write directions on how to get there from the starting point.
  4. There are 6 teams. Each team gets four coloured place markers. When the game starts, one person from each team goes into a group.
  5. One person from the group gives directions. All the others listen and move their marker to the destination.