(p.58) P1 - I will give Koji a book

Show me! Give Me! Tell Me!

Cuddly Bear


  1. Print copies of the large sheet for student teams.
  2. Cut the Japanese items out and place them in envelops labeled with the corresponding letter and number.
  3. If you dont have any dictionaries, change G12 to something the students will have in class.


  1. Introduce the sentence structure to the students.
  2. Introduce the game.
  • Students will be put in teams of 4.

Back to the Future Tense


First, I’ll show my kids a slideshow of me doing things on vacation, but I lie and say this vacation is coming up and I took the pictures with my “future camera.” As we go through it, I have the kids help me make example future tense sentences on the board. (“I will go to Seoul.” or “I am going to go to Seoul.”)

Will You Janken Game


Each student begins with five tokens.

  1. Students walk around the room and pair up to janken .
  2. Each student asks a “Will you ~” question.
  3. The winner says “no,” and the loser must say “yes” and do the gesture.
  4. The loser must surrender a token to the winner.
  5. Whoever has the most tokens at the end wins.