(p.72) P2 - The country I want to visit is France

ALT Family Feud

You may be aware that I recently solicited the ALT community for responses to a questionnaire in the hopes that I could use the data to build a family feud style game. Well, I did my best, but only around 11 ALTs responded to my survey. I filled in the rest of the responses by soliciting my facebook friends, and ended up with about 55 responses. I've put it all together now, so here it is...

Which House Will Be Robbed?

Students are going to write their own word clues for the ALT to solve “Which house is going to be robbed?”

1.) Students get into groups of 4.  In larger groups it is hard for all students to participate.

2.) Pass out a “Which house will be robbed?” sheet to every group (or every student if you choose).

3.) Explain that the students will be writing five to six of their own clues to help you, the ALT, solve the mystery of which house is going to be robbed.

Puzzle Piece Clothing

Choose eight famous pieces of clothing from festivals around the world, for example a yukata from Japan, or a tuxedo from England. Print them out as an A4 sized sheet, glue them onto the back of coloured construction paper,laminate, then cut them into puzzle pieces. Place each puzzle into a large envelope and label the outside so you know which puzzle is which.

Do you know how to?

This lesson reviews the grammar point of subject, verb, infinitive sentences, using the “do you know how to~” form.

First of all, you need to be sure that the class understands the grammar behind, “Do you know how to~” as this is a review activity to cement the grammar in their minds.

Next, split the class into groups of five students.