(p.81) LET'S TALK 6 - Which ~, A or B?

Which toppings do you want? Build-Your-Own-Burger



(e.g. ALT is the customer and and OTE the store employee.) 

OTE: "Welcome to EIGO Burger! You can make your own burger! 

ALT: "Nice! I'm super hungry!" 

OTE: "Which meat do you want?" 

ALT: "Beef, please." 

OTE: "Which toppings do you want?" 

ALT: "Cheese, onions, lettuce, and tomato, please." 

OTE: "What sauce do you want?" 

ALT: "Mayo, ketchup, and tabasco, please." 

“Which do you want?” janken worksheet


Students work in pairs and play “Scissors, Paper, Rock.”

The losing student asks, “Which do you want, ~ or ~?” naming any two pictures from the worksheet. The winning student selects which one they want, answers, “~, please,” or, “I want ~, (please),” and circles their choice.

Continue until time is up. Get students to count up how many things they “won” and award prizes/praise as you see fit.