(p.88) P1 - Koji can play the piano.

"I can" Pictionary

  1. Separate the class into six groups.
  2. Distribute a sheet of A4 to each group and ask them to choose one person in each group to draw.
  3. Explain that the artist will change each round.
  4. Each round, the artist comes to the front and is shown a verb that they will have to draw. Only they will see the word.
  5. They then return to their groups and draw while the others guess what it is.
  6. When someone has guessed correctly the group then works on constructing questions and answers for the verb.

Can = To be able to...

  • Separate the class into two teams according to gender (males / females) and have each team form a circle.
  • Put a desk in the centre of each group, with a beautifully decorated box on top. In this box, there should be many folded up small strips of paper with a question on almost all of them, those left empty are called freedom sheets, these will give the students an opportunity to be creative and make their own questions or statements.

Examples of questions are:

Can you sing?

Can you stand on one leg?

Make a Band!


  • Students have to make a band by finding a group of 5, all playing a different instrument.
  • Students will have a card saying one of the following: singer, drums, guitar, recorder or piano.  The example phrase to say is “I can [play the drums/sing, etc.]
  • By speaking to other students and using the example phrase, students try to find 4 others with cards different from their own to create a band. When they find a students with a different card, they say, “Join my band.”

For example: