Reward Systems

ENJOY English Ticket Reward System!

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Over the past two years I have been making weekly English tickets that I use as currency at my school. This system has been so incredibly successful in motivating my students that I wish to share it with you all.

Its a super simple run of the mill reward system, however what sets mine apart is the constant churning out of new designs week after week and having my OTEs completely on board to the point where 10% of the students final grade is reliant upon their collection of said tickets.

How does it work:

English Passports Reward System

Here us a copy of my English reward system that I used all through last year with great success, you can edit them to fit your school. I mainly created all the resources myself and whilst quite simple, they require a little explanation.

Also the Australia watermark is easily replaced with your respective countries if your not an Aussie ^^