Skits/Presentations in ES

Sixth Grade Introductions


Spend one class completing a handout about the information students will include in their introduction.  Use grammar points they have learned the year before.  An example is:

  1. Hello, my name is (             ). 
  2. I like (     ). 
  3. I want to go to (       ). 
  4. I want to be a (        ). 
  5. Nice to meet you.


The First Class

We are good friends - Momotaro lesson plan

Below is a simple plan for lesson 7 of Hi Friends 2. It involves three main parts: a gesture activity, the Momotaro story and a play. Make sure the students have their copy of Hi Friends 2.

I suggest moving the tables to the back and getting the students to sit in curved rows.

Gesture Activity (10 minutes)

Using gestures, introduce the following opposing words: strong/weak, good/bad, brave/shy. Here are some suggestions for gestures -