ALT Family Feud

Use English to Guess how the ALTs responded to the questionaire

You may be aware that I recently solicited the ALT
community for responses to a questionnaire in the hopes that I could use the data to build a family feud style game. Well, I did my best, but only around 11 ALTs responded to my survey. I filled in the rest of the responses by soliciting my facebook friends, and ended up with about 55 responses. I've put it all together now, so here it is...

1. Explain to the students how there are 120 ALTs in Kobe, who come from 12 different countries, and how their way of thinking might be surprising to you (japanese junior high school students)
2. Tell them that you asked the ALTs of Kobe city some questions, and the students will have to guess what the ALTs said. They will only get points if they hit upon one of the top 6 most common responses. The points they will be awarded are equivalent to the number of ALTs that gave that response.
3. To answer a question, the student must raise their hand, and only give the answer when they are chosen.
4. If they hit upon an answer in the top 6, they'll get points, and control of the question. They will keep control until they give an answer that isn't in the top six.
5. If they give a bad answer, they lose control, and you will push the 'try again' button on the slide, to indicate to the other teams that the question is open again.
*Note: after 5 bad responses, the powerpoint will play a really long and annoying buzzer. You can click again to make it stop.

**Consider abandoning the control rule, and just having it be open for any team to answer the entire time.

6. Break the students into 6 groups.
7. Have the students in each group play Rock paper scissors , and the winner stand up.
8. Ask the first question and get rolling!


The ppt file
was adapted from something I found on the internet. It still works, but be wary of saving it as a pptx file, as that might screw up some of the sounds with it. Also... I changed it pretty heavily from the original, but if you're curious as to what the original was like, you can find it here....…