Anything you can do, I can do better

Develop a proper use of “can,” stating something that you can do, and asking another person if they can do the same.
  • Introduce the “I can” dialogue in a brief conversation with the OTE . Then have the students follow along with the text conversations, listening to the ALT , or a tape, or volunteering to read themselves. Repeat this procedure three or four times for understanding.
  • Following this, the OTE proceeds to teach their lesson of the use of the word “can.” The ALT assists where needed and checks the students’ work.
  • To close out the lesson, students can be given the worksheet “Anything you can do,” to fill out with their own abilities in the spaces provided. After, they can practice saying the sentences out loud to themselves.
Junior High
CD or digital copy of “Anything you can do”, New crown textbook, handout