A-B-C Fast or Slow

To enable vocabulary building and/or testing

A simple lesson , much like Scattergories, which can be used for all grades.

1.    Students will be divided into groups. Each group will be provided with a worksheet with the topics: boy’s name, girl’s name, animal, place/country, thing, fruits/vegetables.

2.    OTE /ALT Demonstration:

  • OTE: ABC, Fast or Slow?
  • ALT: Fast, start! … Stop!

The OTE will silently (in their heads) say the letters of the alphabet in a fast pace until the ALT says “Stop!”. The OTE will then say aloud the letter they were at. For example, “G!”.

1.    Using a timer, students will have 2 minutes to fill the categories with words that begin with the letter “G”.

2.    Teachers will check the answers of the groups by saying aloud each category. Group members will say aloud the word they have for each category.Points system:

  • 100 points – if only one group has a particular word for a category.
  • 50 points – if two groups have the same word for a category.
  • 25 points – if more than two groups have the same word for a category.

3.    Repeat steps 2-4 until several letters are covered. The ALT and OTE can alternate the conversation and the speed at which “A-B-C” should be said.

4.    The winning group will be the one with the most points.


Teachers will provide an attractive reward to the winning team. Depending on the size of each group, (4-5 members is recommended) more than one worksheet may be required.

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Lesson Topics
Junior High
Worksheet, stopwatch, prizes