Back Talk

The students will be able to correctly spell target vocab

Warm Up- 5 minutes

Ask student volunteers to spell as many words as they can in English in 3 minutes (teacher writes them on the board as they are spelled)


Introduction to New Material- 10 minutes

Write each of the objective words on the board

Have students repeat

Have students translate the words into Japanese (have the OTE confirm answers)

Repeat again


Guided Practice- 5 minutes

Use a column of students (by their seating arrangements) to demonstrate how the game is played

Have the students form a line .  The person at the tail end of the line will be given one of the vocabulary words that is written on the board.  That student will use their finger to spell that word on the back of the person standing in front of them in line.  The process continues until the word has been written on the last (i.e. first in line)  person’s  back.  That person will in turn write the word on the board.  Each team gets a point for a correctly spelled word.


Independent Practice- 15 minutes

Students play the game 3 times (at your discretion)

Lesson Topics
Junior High
Chalk, the vocabulary words (in English) on small pieces of paper