Balancing Act!

A race of speed and skill that will teach the students body parts

This lesson is a result of discussion at Job Training 2012. Special thanks to Laura Jourdain, Jennifer Nishizaki, Matt Pedler, Jimmy Nguyen, Jessica Dovey.

This activity is a race style game where the students will have to balance a beanbag while moving along.

Split the class into around 6 teams.

Showing a flashcard and telling the student the body part, the first in line will have to balance a beanbag on that body part and race to cross the finish line.

If the beanbag falls while racing, they can continue, but they will have to return to the start of the race.

Give the winning team a point for each turn.

Change the body part each turn.


For fun, try to be creative with the body parts. Neck, back, elbow, foot, head, and stomach may induce hilarious results.

If you think you have good control of the class, you may want to try a continuous relay.

Lesson Topics
Body part flashcards, A bit of space in the classroom, 6 small beanbags