Balloon Volleyball Game

To practice the target vocabulary

This is a fun, general game that can be used to learn any kind of vocab. The aim of the game is to keep the balloon in the air by hitting it like a volleyball.


  • First learn the names of the months using flashcards, chants or any other methods.
  • Next inflate a balloon or have one of the students blow it up.


In this instance, the game will use months as the vocab.

  1. You can only hit the balloon one time but after someone else touches it you can hit it again.
  2. When you hit the balloon you must say the name of the next month, from January to December.
  3. The balloon must not hit a desk or the floor.
  4. When the balloon does hit the floor, students must start over from January.

Have the students stand up behind their desks and start the game.

  • Having the classes compete with each other can be fun. See which class can go from January to December the most times without making a mistake.
  • Use a stopwatch to see who's the fastest class.
  • Stop the stopwatch if: The balloon hits the floor or chair, the student who hits the balloon doesn't say the target vocabulary (or says it in the wrong order), or a student does a double hit.
  • Have the students stand at their desk and chair and not move around the room.
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