Body Parts Twister

Students try not to fall over while playing a variation of Twister and learning body parts

This game is a take on the regular twister game where you touch the colored dots with your hands or your feet. Instead of the colorful mat, the students will move their hands or feet to other body parts while trying not to fall down. The teachers joined in too and it was hilarious!

First I printed out the poster (attached below) on poster paper. The kids spread out, and instead of a spinner, I used a magnet and giant dice I got from the 100円 store to decide where their hands or feet should go. I`d roll the die, and together we`d count while moving the magnet around the circle. Just like the regular twister board, you`d move your hand or foot, but instead of to a color, the students would move it to another body part.

For example: hand to arm, hand to eye, foot to arm, and my favorite--foot to nose!

First we played where no one got out for falling over. The kids would laugh and yell every time they had to do foot to nose and couldn`t move until their foot was placed somewhere else. Also some of the teachers proved to be quite flexible!

Then to make it a little harder (although this part was a little too difficult for one of the classes so you may want to leave it out based on their level) we practiced left vs. right and I added in notecards that said Left: レフト(左) and Right: ライト(右) with a magnet to each of the four sections. So now instead of hand to arm, it`s right hand to arm. Or left leg to nose.

After a practice round, we played where students got out for falling over. Then to keep them involved, I had the kids who got out roll the die (well mostly so I didn`t have to keep hopping my mangled body over to the dice and then hop back to the board to move the magnet).

This game was fun, but it`d be exhausting if you did it for the entire class (especially if you get `foot to nose` every other roll like one class did) so we spent a lot of time learning with flashcards, singing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, and playing a quick game of Simon Says, and then reviewing the flashcards after. The game itself was probably about 25 minutes. You could probably add in variations like `Hand to friend`s nose`, `Hand to teacher`s foot` or something too.

You will get sweaty but it`s really fun!

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