Can I order a pizza?

Students order a pizza on the phone (pair practice)


(ALT and OTE demonstrate the dialogue)

Employee: Hello, this is PizzaMan. How can I help you? 

Customer: Hello. Can I order a pizza? 

Employee: Of course. What toppings do you want? 

Customer: Can I have cheese, mushrooms, and olives, please? 

Employee: Sure. Can you tell me your phone number, please? 

Customer: Yes. It's 012-345-6789. 

Employee: And can you give me your name? 

Customer: Yes. It's Kabigon. *

Employee: Ok, thank you. Good-bye! 

Customer: Bye! 


Pass out the pizza dialogue ws only. Have the students write down 1) their pizza restaurant name, 2) their desired toppings, 3) their phone number, real or fake, and 4) their name. 

Practice vocabulary pronunciation and dialogue.


Pass out the pizza order form ws and the pizza box. The student on the right is the customer, and the student on the left is the employee. The employee should write down the order details and contact info, then draw the pizza and hand it to the customer. Then switch roles. 


Have a couple students come to the front and order a realistic-looking pizza. 



Based on a pizza ordering lesson from a previous edition of New Crown. Ideal for use after the 1st-year students have learned the request form of "can". Can also be modified for 2nd or 3rd year polite language units. 


I used velcro stickers (bought at 100 yen shop) on the fronts and backs of the laminated pizza toppings so that I could easily make a pizza on the blackboard. :)

Junior High
Laminated pizza and toppings with magnets, pizza dialogue/order/box worsheets for each student