Can you guess who I am?

Guess Who? Activity based on asking “Can you…?” questions, listening, and writing practice in English


Before the lesson, make up a poster with “Can you 〜 ?” questions.

Review “Can you 〜 ?/I can 〜 ” with the students.


  1. Divide students into presentation groups (groups of 4 or 5 work best)
  2. Hold up premade “Can you…?” poster with teacher
  3. Explain that you and the teacher are a group.  The poster has clues to which person the group is talking about.   The mystery person should be a relatively famous person.  The teacher is pretending to be the famous person and the ALT asks questions

Poster set up:  Three possible famous people on top of the poster (written names or actual pictures), several questions written in English below

Example: Mystery person is Michael Jackson.  The three famous names on top are Michael Jackson, Keisuke Honda, and Takahiro Arai

Poster questions and answers

  • Can you sing? (Yes, I can sing)
  • Can you dance? (Yes, I can dance)
  • Can you play soccer? (No, I can’t play soccer)
  • Can you play baseball? (No, I can’t play baseball)
  • Can you play the piano? (Yes, I can play the piano)
  • Who am I?
  1. The ALT asks the teacher all of the questions and the students listen to the response.  When the questions are answered, have the teacher ask “Who I am?”  Students respond.
  2. Explain to the students that they will be making their own presentation
  3. Encourage students to look up activities in the English dictionary that they aren’t familiar with
  4. Presentation format for students to follow:
  • One student is the mystery person
  • The rest of the group rotates between asking questions
  • The mystery person asks “Who am I?”

- If your students aren’t already familiar with the phrase “Who am I?”, be sure to introduce it at the beginning of the lesson - A secondary goal of this activity is to get the students to practice writing in English

Lesson Topics
markers, Japanese-English dictionary, poster board/thick paper