This cat is smaller than that cat

Play a pictionary type game to introduce comparatives.

Based loosely on Kirsten Phillips’s post on the Englipedia site. To see the original post click here.

This Activity plan can be used to introduce comparative grammar.

The idea of this activity is for students to draw pictures to represent their own secret sentence. Then students look at each other’s pictures to match sentences to numbers.

  1. Hand out one answer sheet to each student.
  2. Demonstrate to the class with the sentence sheet that says “This cat is smaller than that cat.” Tell them that your sentence is a secret.
  3. Demonstrate drawing two pictures that emphasise the sentence.
  4. Show the students that you fold the paper over so no one can see your sentence.
  5. Ask the OTE  what they think your pictures mean. They should respond with “This cat is smaller than that cat.”
  6. Show the students that the sentence and the number line up on the answer sheet.
  7. Hand out a sentence sheet to each student. Give them time to draw their pictures. Help them with meanings or give them hints on how to draw that sentence.
  8. At an appropriate time, students leave their picture on their desk and go around looking at other pictures to line up the numbers with the sentences on the answer sheet.
  • My teacher wanted it to be as easy as possible, so I only included single syllable adjectives. You could edit the worksheet to include more complicated vocabulary or superlative grammar if you so wished.
  • Could also change the answer sheet from matching sentences to numbers, to just writing own sentences.
  • You can make it a little harder by removing the adjectives and moving them to the bottom of the page, so that they have to figure out “This cat is ………… than that cat.” Still relatively easy, but a bit more to think about.