Christmas Lesson

A cultural lesson about Christmas and how it is celebrated in other parts of the world

Bye bye man warm-up (Hangman but without the hanging references).

  • Draw Christmas characters on the board (eg Santa, Rudolph, an elf, etc) beside a word or sentence blanks.
  • Have the students guess one letter at a time. If they get any wrong, rub out a part of the drawing. The idea is to not let the whole drawing be rubbed out or the students lose! (5-10mins)

Flashcards: Learn new words/Christmas vocabulary.

  • Say and repeat. Examples of Christmas words could be as follows:

Christmas tree, bell, bow, candle, candy cane, Christmas pudding, Christmas Day, hat, Santa Claus, Christmas card, star, stocking, lights, sleigh, mistletoe, presents, angel, gift, elf, holly, mitten, chimney, reindeer, letter, etc. (5mins)

Scramble words.

  • Break the class into groups of three, four or five, depending on your class size. Have as many sets of cards as groups. Each card wil have a letter on it that, when put together in the right order, will form a Christmas-themed word.
  • Teams race to complete all 3 words (or sentences if they are higher level) and the winner receives stamps or points accordingly.
  • Examples words are: Merry Christmas, Santa Claus, Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

Please note: you will need to ensure that the students know which way the letters are supposed to face. For example the “u’s” and “n’s” can get mixed up. Best to put a line under any confusing letters. (10mins)

Christmas Around the World

  • Write up on the board six or seven different language’s versions of how to say ‘Merry Christmas,’ (see * list below) and opposite write the corresponding country names (not in the same order though).
  • Have students try to guess which country and ‘Merry Christmas’ go together.
  • Pick out students to match up the Christmas greeting with the country name. Say each language and have the students repeat. (10mins)

Write a letter to Santa

  • Have the students write a letter to Santa. Explain that this is a tradition in a lot of western countries each year. Explain about the naughty or nice list and if you are bad you receive a lump of coal.
  • The idea of this project is to tell Santa what you have done. What nice things you have done and what you would like for Christmas. Encourage the students to be creative and also use dictionaries.
  • At the end the ALT will part the letters into two piles and tell the students if they have been naughty or nice. You can write the verdict on the bottom of the letter and reward with them with either a sticker/stamp or a picture of coal. (15mins – plus after class marking for the ALT)

Christmas Greetings from Around the World


Joyeux noel                          France

Sheng tan kuai loh               China

Feliz navidad                        Spain

Merii kurisumasu                  Japan

Frohliche weihnachten         Germany

Buon natale                           Italy

Boas festas                           Portugal

Vesele vanoce                      Czech Republic

Lesson Topics
Junior High
Christmas flashcards, List of Christmas Greetings from Around the World