Continents of the World!

To practice using the responses in real situations & learn geography at the same time.
  • Before introducing the game, review what a continent is and ask for some examples. Print out the continents map in colour on large paper and display on the blackboard.
  • Explain to the students that today, they will focus on three continents: Asia, Europe and South America.
  • Write the three continents spaced out across the board.
  • Students are distributed a laminated country card each and must keep it a secret!
  • The aim of the game is for students to form a group of four different countries that belong to the same continent.
  • Students are to janken with another classmate. The winner gets to ask “Have you been to [country]?
  • The other student answers either “Yes, I have” (and joins the student) or “No, I haven’t. (if they don’t hold the correct card).
  • If the students think their group is complete, they must first check with the OTE or ALT .
  • Once given the okay, the first groups to form a continent must quickly write their names under the continent on the board to be crowned the winners.

Country cards: You may like to have the countries names written below the flag or quickly go through which country each card is before playing the game. You will need to print out the 3x copies of the flags cards to have enough for a full classroom.

Time limit: It's probably best to give the students a time limit to speed up the game and make it more competitive.

If you don't have access to a colour printer, you can print the continent map in black and white and draw in coloured borders around each of the continents.

Junior High
Continents map, Country flags cards