Daily Routine

To teach students time and daily routine verbs with a worksheet/pair work activity that focuses on reading, listening, and speaking

First, use whatever method you prefer to teach new vocabulary/verbs to students. Picture cards of the various parts of the day would be particularly useful.

Next, use this 2 part worksheet to check students’ understanding of daily routine vocabulary and verbs.

Part 1: Individual work. Using the worksheet, students must match the pictures  of the various actions (get up, take a bath, eat breakfast, etc) with English sentences in a table below the picture. The letter of the corresponding picture should be placed in column 1. The 3rd column is for students to translate the key phrases (in bold).

Part 2: Pair work. First, the students listen to the ALT talk about his/her daily routine. They write/draw the time in the “clock.” Check their answers by asking in both English and Japanese the times for the various activities. Next, give the students about 3-5 minutes to fill in the column for their daily routine. Students should then make pairs, and practice asking and responding to questions about their daily routine, and writing their partner’s answers in the last column.


Part 2 is a modification of a previous Speak Raku lesson - I found that setting the kids loose in the classroom to interview many students didn't work too well with my classes (especially JHS students). Turning it into a pair activity makes it easier to monitor for comprehension.

Junior High