Directions Around Town

Familiarise students with directions, and the place names taught in ES 6

This lesson is a result of discussion at Job Training 2012. Special thanks to Matt Mullins, Chris Shirley, Malaya Viloria, David Howard, and Rory Harnden.

  • Students sit at their desks, or in a similar grid layout in the gym/multipurpose room.
  • Masks/hats/props are given out for each shop/location (e.g. police hat for the police station, money for the bank, stethoscope for the hospital) to a dozen or so students.
  • A final volunteer is chosen, and lead out of the room.
  • That student’s pencil case is hidden upon another student.
  • The student returns, asking ‘Where is my pencil case?’ or other similar grammar.
  • The ALT leads the student to their pencil case (potentially blindfolded), using grammar such as ‘go straight 3 blocks’, ‘turn right’, ‘pass the school’ etc.
  • Repeat with other students, optionally selecting a second student to become the guide.

Feel free to coax participants with prizes/stickers.


Lesson Topics
Props for as many shops as you wish to use, blindfolds, prizes