Directions Dicestation (Kobe version)

Practicing giving and adking directions as well as the grammar "How can I get to...?" found in New Crown 2 Let's Talk 1

Each student needs a worksheet and each group 1 set of the station cards. There are six cards in each set, and each worksheet has 6 stations, so that is the limit of players. The game can be played with fewer players, but will require some station to be crossed out. For example if there are 4 players to a team, 2 stations on the worksheet will be crossed out and the corresponding cards not used. 1. Pass out the corresponding amount of cards to the players face down. The students can look at their cards but must not show them to anyone else. 2. The group jankens. The winner says the first line
, "How can I get to (station name)?" They must choose any station which isn't their own, and hasn't been crossed out. 3. The person who is holding the station's card that the student said, says, "Sure, take the next train to (station name), and change trains there." Again, this student can't say their own card. They must say one of the stations which are in play. 4. The person who is holding the station card that was just named takes a dice and rolls it and says, "It's (rolled number) stops from here." 5. They then count the rolled number clockwise from the person next to them and the person that it lands on gets the rolled number of points. 6. Students then put all of their cards back in the middle of their desks, shuffle them, and re-distribute them. They then complete the same cycle. The game ends either after a certain time or after a certain number of rounds, you can adjust it to your liking.

Junior High
dice, cards, worksheet